Sigma Engineering was established in 1966 and grew over several years into a specialist in the field of manufacturing machines and apparatus. Since 1996 Sigma Engineering has specialized in fine mechanical manufacturing for the graphic industry. Product innovation has gained a prominent position in the company. In 1997 a pick & place machine developed by them was brought onto the market and was also granted a patent. During the last years Sigma Engineering has developed machines, which are used to close folded leaflets with self adhesive labels and automatically pack them in trays.

The Sigma Engineering machines are distinguished by the application of innovative technologies. This enables them to place samples with a great degree of accuracy and to still realize high production speeds even with products that are difficult to handle’. More and more machines find their way in other industries like Box making.


On July the 1st of 2015 Sigma transferred its activities to GUK-Falzmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG in Wellendingen and continues under the name GUK-Sigma B.V.


GUK-Sigma sell their products world-wide, partly direct, partly through the GUK sales channels. There is close collaboration with reputable partners such as the Winkler & Dünnebier, Kohmann Maschinenbau and Hugo Beck GmbH + Co. in the field of sales and service and in developing complete production lines.


Sigma Engineering, with their durable machines, no longer only focuses on the graphic sector. Their eyes are now also on other market sectors. In the meantime the first successes have been booked in the pharmaceutical market.

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